Monday, April 6, 2015

What To Expect As A New YouTuber Or Let's Player

Almost every week or so I get a message from people on YouTube asking me to review their channel. Now I'm in no way a professional YouTuber and I don't try to present myself as one, but I do have over a thousand subscribers, and I feel that I know enough about SEO and presenting your channel properly that I can help people who are just starting out or people who started out a while ago but still don't have the amount of views that they want to have.

The questions are usually something like this: "I started YouTubing a while ago, and I still don't have a lot of views, can you check out my channel and tell me what I need to improve on?"

So usually I check out the channel and I find out that they started out YouTubing one or two weeks ago, maybe a month ago, and more often than not their view count as at around 0 to 5 views per video which is normal when you're starting out, but to them it seems like something is wrong because they compare themselves to big YouTubers like PewDiePie, PauseUnpause, Warowl, etc...

One thing you have to realize when you just starting out is that you're not going to get a lot of views right away. You're going to have to record at least 50, or maybe even 100 videos before you get your first real fan or subscriber that is going to stay with you until you're have a 1000 or even 10,000 subscribers.

The only thing you can do at the beginning is just try to make your content as good as possible, read articles about SEO and try to do proper SEO (check out my huge post about SEO here), and just try to improve your videos every time you make one.

Here's a quick checklist for you those who are just starting out to see what you channel is missing or what you can add to your channel. These are just the basics, but as your channel gets more and more advanced you will figure out what you need to work on and you might realize that your videos or audio or something else needs polishing and you will work on improving that.

So here are some basic things:

  • Have a well-made profile pic and banner.
  • Have a fairly long about you page on YouTube.
  • Create a long description for all your videos.
  • Make sure your tags make sense. Read the tags section in my article on SEO and figure out that you can't rank for tags like YouTube, PewDiePie, gameplay, let's play, or Nintendo, or anything like that. Making tags too general is a mistake that a lot of newbies make, so you should just go through all of your tags and decide if it is possible for you to rank for all of the ones that you use, and if it's not, just make the tags more specific. So for example if my video is about GTA I would make my tags something like: grand theft auto PC, grand theft auto PC gameplay, grand theft auto BeatDaBest gameplay, grand theft auto rare cut scenes on PC, or something like that. The more specific your tags are the easier it is to rank for that term.
  • Make sure you create playlists.
  • Interact with your subscribers.
  • And just keep working hard and improving.

I feel that the last point is probably the most important one of them all because many people don't realize that you have to work hard and create a lot of content to actually become popular or get recognized on YouTube.

You might get lucky and get 1000 subs right away, but it is more likely than not that you will have to create 50, 100 or maybe even 200 videos until you get 2000, 500 or even 100 subscribers. The key is constantly improving and making sure that you are trying to make your videos as entertaining. as funny and as informative as possible.

This is becoming simply a rant, but I think that YouTube beginners will still find this post useful, and if you still want me to review your channel please do so only after going through the checklist that I wrote.

Good luck!


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  2. I've been doing this for a month and a half now. I've gone through a few changes. One is I don't post my facecam anymore because I vape and a lot of people look at vapers as douchebags. I personally am just addicted to nicotine and know that smoking is terrible. My early content was not the best quality. I went through a lot of issues learning to record, edit and upload. My last video of The Witcher looks tons better than my earlier videos. Here's my problem. I think I'm really bland as a commentator. I think it's gotten better than when I first started but I don't think I'm being very entertaining. I've gone through your checklist and am already doing that stuff to the best of my ability. Could you just watch one of my videos and let me know how I am as a commentator? Here's my channel if you decide to:

    If you do thanks! If not I understand.

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