Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fury Android High Score And Tips To Increase Your High Score

MrNightMare Fury Android High ScoreAs some of you might know, I posted a video of myself playing Fury on YouTube a while ago. I didn't play amazing, but I didn't play horribly...

However, MrNightMare told me that he beat my score and send me a picture to prove it.

You can see his best score on the right. It's very impressive compared to my best score of only 156, but I couldn't let him beat me. I just

could not allow that...

So I played the game whenever I had some free time and I figured out some simple tricks to increasing your score and beating Nightmare!

As you can see below, I actually reached a score of 711, but I think a score of 1000 or even 2000 can be reached if you're persistent enough!

Here are some things I noticed that could help you:

    How to get a high score Android Fury
  • The speed of the bears increases up to a certain point and then levels off. That means that if you get to about 150 or 200, the speed of the bears shouldn't increase. Or if it does increase it will increase so little that it doesn't matter.
  • Having the sound on helps you get in a rhythm and this game is all about rhythm.
  • Having your swiping finger in the bottom right corner of your phone helps because it allows you to see the whole screen.
  • Try to make your swipes as small as possible because you will have to do a lot of them per second.
  • Bring your phone closer to your face. (Sounds weird but it helps)
Here's the video that prompted me to try to beat MrNightMare!


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