Wednesday, November 26, 2014

10 Definitive Steps To Becoming A Famous YouTube Gamer

Become a famous YouTuberDo you want to become famous on YouTube in a week? Do you play video-games and want to see millions of people watch your gameplay? Then you're in the right place!

Just follow the advice below to earn one million subs within a week of starting YouTube!
  1. Record your videos with a phone and post them on YouTube from your phone. No one cares if you used DXtory or OBS to record and if your voice is studio quality. If they can tell which blurry pixel is what, you're good!
  2. Stuff your titles, tags, and descriptions with popular YouTubers' names and new, popular video games! Don't forget to copy and paste your tags into the end of the description, and if the game has a Wikipedia article, copy and paste that in there too!
  3. Don't allow comments on any of your videos. The people don't want to say anything about your videos, and who cares what they would say anyway? Responding to comments is a huge waste of time so just remove them completely!
  4. Once you have at least one video posted, you can start growing your channel! All you have to do is go to and order their 1,000,000 subs for $10,000 package, and their 10,000,000 views for $10,000 package. Wait, what? You don't have that kind of money? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRYING TO BECOME A YOUTUBER THEN? Save up $20,000 and then you can become famous.
  5. Go on and hire someone to post the link to your channel on 10,000 most popular videos on YouTube every day. Once you do that for 2 days, hire another person to spam message famous YouTubers and random people telling them to check out your channel!
  6. Post 100 10 second videos every day, and buy at least 10,000 views for each video. You're almost famous now!
  7. Hire someone to draw suggestive images and post them as your thumbnails. People won't be disappointed at all if they want porn but get gaming content.
  8. Make daily rant videos about famous YouTubers talking about how terrible they are. Then post the links to the videos on that person's YouTube videos. (Hire someone to do it for you of course)
  9. Go on forums and ask people how you can improve your channel and once they give you advice, rage at them and tell them that your channel is the best there has ever been.
  10. PROFIT! Now that you're the most popular YouTube on Earth with billions of subscribers, it's time to hire some people to make videos for you, turn on AdSense, and watch the millions of dollars come in!
  11. Bonus- Give me your YouTube Login and Password so I can do all of the above for you!
P.S. If you don't realize this is a sarcastic completely serious post, you should follow it step by step if you want to make sure that your gaming channel becomes successful!


  1. Don't listen to this. It's all lies.

    1. What do you mean?
      This is how all the YouTube pros become successful!

  2. Oh my god! This is probably the best article I have seen about how to become famous on YouTube, thx gr8 sk8m8

  3. Absolutely fantastic anti-guide. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. This article may get us BANNED from YOUTUBE. Don't buy the views and neither subs. NO NO!

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