Monday, October 13, 2014

Schedule For The Week Of 10/13/14-10/19/14

This is my uploading schedule for the week of 10/13/14-10/19/14.

This week is incredibly busy for me, but I was able to record some CS:GO, Trove Beta, and even some Android gameplay! I hope you guys enjoy!

Weekend- Chick Can Fly HD Android Gameplay
Monday (12:00 pm EST) - CS:GO Gameplay EP5 900 Subs And Doge!
Tuesday (12:00 pm EST) - Trove Beta Gameplay EP1 Tutorial (Minecraft+Cube World!)
Wednesday (12:00 pm EST) - CSGO Gameplay EP6 Failing With Andrasd And McLovin
Friday (12:00 pm EST) - CSGO Gameplay EP7 Competitive With Andrasd And McLovin

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