Monday, September 15, 2014

Tyler Beasting In Minecraft

I played Minecraft Hunger Games on the Hypixel Server with Tyler this weekend, and he won 2 games in a row which is absolutely beast!

TylerForYou Minecraft So Boss
I never knew he was good at Minecraft... But I'd probably know that if I played with my subscribers more.

Anyway, since I'm trying to post more stuff on my blog, you guys have a new opportunity to send me your amazing screenshots or videos that you want me to post on this blog and I'll do that!

You can send the videos to, or just message me on Steam, YouTube or somewhere else.
TylerForYou Minecraft Dang
Basically if you had an amazing moment in a game and you managed to screenshot it, send it to me and I will post it on here if I find it cool!

Maybe I'll even talk about you on my channel!

Thanks for reading!


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