Sunday, September 14, 2014

Schedule For The Week Of 9/15/14-9/21/14

My scheduled videos for the week of 9/15/14-9/21/14!
If you're reading this, you can already watch all of them if you want! 

However, they won't be visible on YouTube until the day it says they will be published.
Enjoy the special, behind the scenes, access!

This list will be updated throughout the week as I upload and create new videos, so make sure you check it again if you're craving to watch something!

Monday (1pm EST) - AVA Gameplay EP115 New Airborne Map + Playing With Subs Info
Wednesday (1pm EST) - Speedrunners Gameplay EP2 PewDiePie Cup Cheaters And Glitches
Friday (1pm EST) - Weekly Shoutout #5- GuiltyAsSin163

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