Monday, September 22, 2014

Schedule For The Week Of 09/22/2014-09/28/2014

My videos schedule for the week of 09/22/2014-09/28/2014.
I have some other videos I haven't uploaded yet, so I will add them to here when I do upload them!

Monday (1pm EST) -Deus Ex Human Revolution Giveaway Winner & Hitman Absolution Gameplay EP5 Hunter And Hunted
Tuesday (1pm EST) - CS:GO Gameplay EP1 Arms Race And Noob Play
Wednesday (1pm EST) - Hitman Absolution Gameplay EP6 Rosewood
Thursday (1pm EST) - Soldier Front 2 Gameplay EP48 Capture!
Friday (1pm EST) - Hitman Absolution Gameplay EP7 Welcome To Hope
Sunday (1pm EST- Hitman Absolution Gameplay EP8 Birdie's Gift

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