Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Journey In The PewDiePie Speedrunners Tournament

PewDiePie SpeedRunners TournamentPewDiePie is doing a Speedrunners tournament with big prizes as a reward for reaching 30 million subs, so I decided to join and see how I do.

I got this game 2 days before the competition started, so I knew I would have to put in A LOT of practice.
Thankfully it was the weekend, so I was able to play for around 8-12 hours.

The First Day
I was very nervous because I thought everyone would be a complete pro at this game, but it seems that most of the pros aren't participating in the tourney so I did much better than I thought I would do!
PewDiePie Speedrunners Tournament Results DAY 1
I was able to get into the TOP 30 on the first day! In fact, I played 16 games and lost only 2, but 6 of them haven't confirmed my score yet, so I could be in the top 20 if not higher.

In total, I played for about 2 hours today, and I'm planning on playing a bit more later.

If I can keep up playing for 1-2 hours a day, and then having a 3-4 hour push on the weekend, I could definitely crack the top 15!

Hopefully none of the pros join the tournament.

After the first day there are 1,521 players entered, and that's only during the first day! I expect at least 20,000 to be in the tournament by the time it ends in 2 weeks.

 I think if I get a solid lead after the first 2 days, I could definitely stay in the top 100, and maybe even in the top 15!

Day 2
I was exhausted today from very little sleep so I played worse than usual...

In the morning I was ranked #17, but after a bunch of losses, I dropped down to #43.
PewDiePie Speedrunners Tournament Results DAY 2Being in the top 100 is great, but my chances of getting into the top 15 are slowly fading.

I have some wins that still haven't counted, but those won't boost me much.

My goals for the next couple days are to:

  1. Get more sleep (I'll probably nap tomorrow and the day after)
  2. Get at least into the top 20
  3. Play 3-5 hours a day on the weekend
I think I have to make a HUGE push this weekend if I want any chance of getting into the top 15. 
Another problem is that the tourney ends when it's 7 in the morning for me on a school day, so I might have to wake up around 5 or 6 on that day to check what rank I am, and push for the last 2 hours if I'm not in the top 15.

Day 3
My rating has been jumping around between #20 and #52...

I'm getting sick at this point, and the sleep deprivation from school is starting to set in, so I'm playing worse. I was able to win some matches today, but it's not nearly enough to get into the top 15.
PewDiePie Speedrunners Tournament Results DAY 3
This weekend I'm going to be grinding like crazy...

My skill level is definitely improving, and I play like a ranked Advanced or maybe even higher.

I'm seeing steady improvement which is definitely one of the most important things!

So far 2120 people have registered to participate in the tournament.

Day 4
Cheaters... Cheaters everywhere...

I should be in the top 20. BUT, because of players like Renegader (Steam name Boxxy), I'm fricking #53!

PewDiePie Speedrunners Tournament Results DAY 4I submitted a ticket with 2 screenshots, and I hope they simply ban him in addition to giving me the point.

What he does is this:
If he loses, he says he won in hopes that the person doesn't have a screenshot because then the match dispute stays undecided and he doesn't get a loss added to his game.

SpeedRunners Tournament CheaterIf he wins, he says he wins and gets the point.

He is ranked #3 with this cheaty strategy. However, I'm hoping that my screenshots, and other people's screenshots (I messaged quite a few people about him), prove that he cheats.

Day 5 and 6
I'm really sick and playing much worse than usual. I played a couple games, but my rank dropped down to #67 so I stopped and just played ranked.
Hopefully I can get into the top 25 so i get a free t-shirt!

Day 7
PewDiePie Speedrunners Tournament Results DAY 7I had to do homework and record other stuff today so I didn't play much. I played 5 games in the morning, but I lost 4 of them so I kind of gave up.
PewDiePie Speedrunners Tournament Day 7 Top 15
Now I'm in position #92 which is quite disappointing.

If I have time this week, I'll see if I can keep myself in the top 100...

The top 15 is getting absolutely ridiculous at this point. I'm hoping that there will be another tournament later this year or next year, which I can practice for and have a better chance of winning.

Top 100 isn't too bad for a game that I just started playing last week though!

Day 8
PewDiePie Speedrunners Tournament Results DAY 8Day 8 is here, and with that the time when I almost completely give up on this tournament is approaching!

I'm currently #92, but I have lost 11 out of 15 of my last games.

The funny thing is that I'm actually playing better, but the pros finally realized the importance of this tournament and now I'm playing against Bronze, Silver and other high level professionals.

I'm going to try to stay in the top 100, but I don't think there's any chance of me going any higher...

The Wrap-Up
My ticket against the cheaty Renegade finally came through, but it was too late.

Renegade Cheating Resolution
All of my excitement about the competition was crushed and there was no time to regain my position...
Speedrunners tournament final result
I still finished #75 overall, which I consider to be quite impressive! If they every do another Speedrunners tournament, I'm fairly certain I'd be able to get much higher up in the leaderboards. Either way, I consider getting into the top 100 a pretty big achievement, considering that I started playing the game 2 days before the competition started.
Speedrunners PewDiePie tournament Final 15
I'm really disappointed that Renegade is in the top 15, but he dropped 6 spots in the past couple hours, so hopefully someone more deserving will get to play against Pewds.

It was a very fun experience overall, and if you guys want to see some of my Speedrunners videos you can check them out below!

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