Friday, August 29, 2014

What Is The YouTube Search Check?

YouTube Search CheckThe YouTube Search Check is probably one of the most valuable things you can do before making a video for YouTube.
It consists of a few simple steps:
  1. Going on YouTube
  2. Thinking of what you're planning on recording
  3. Picking out a keyword/game name of what you're going to record
  4. Pasting that into the YouTube search box.
  5. Hardest Step: Judging whether or not you will be able to make it into the top 10 page for that keyword on YouTube based on your competition. Some of the things to look at are
    1. How many views the most and least popular videos are getting (whether your videos get more views than that on average)
    2. How many subscribers do the top channels for the video have
    3. How original will your video be compared to the other videos in the search?
    4. What are the tags for the other videos? (Can you do it better or not?)
For checking the tags of your competition I recommend using vidIQ as it's an absolutely amazing tool, and blows all the other ones I have tried out of the water.
Let's do a quick and obvious comparison of what might be a good video to make, and what might be a bad one.

YouTube Search Check Metro Redux
Here are the first couple results for the search Metro Redux". You're probably better off not recording videos of this game unless you REALLY want to play it, or unless you think you can beat these top 3 crazy results to the right.

YouTube Search Check TrieraHowever, if you search for an indie game such as Triera, the result is totally different. There are only 2 videos for the game, both with fairly easy competition. And even if you are unable to beat your competition, your worst case scenario is being the THIRD result on the search for "Triera gameplay", I would consider that to be a pretty good search result!

Thank you for reading, and please leave a comment if you need me to clarify something, help you with using the Search Check, or if you just want to say hi!


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