Friday, August 29, 2014

JellyDad Hero Impressions

Jellydad Hero is a fun little game from PITon_ who is also known as Andrey Kovalishin. He is the creator of all the Snail Bob games.

Jellydad Hero
Look! It's Jellydad Hero and his
beautiful family!
The game is a platforming game, and it takes the same approach as Snail Bob, where the main character is a slow moving snail. In this game however, you are a slow moving blob of goo who is trying to save his family from space-pirates. The game itself is a bit nonsensical, but then again, what flash game isn't?

The game adds an interesting little concept, where to operate switches or move items, you completely engulf them with your jellyness. It's cute, well-made, and can easily make those 20 minutes that you can spend playing this game fly by.

I completed this game in around 21 minutes, and you can check out my playthrough of it in the video below!

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