Thursday, April 24, 2014

InflationRPG Reality

Of course I was wrong about this game...  In my first post I assumed that this game wouldn't be that great and it would draw me in for an hour at most...  I thought it was a game that was poking fun at all the other progress games..  Oh how wrong I was... 

This is basically another near idle game in the Android marketplace. The battles are idle,  but you have control over your characters walking and upgrades. The numbers overall for experience and upgrades are hiked up way too high,  but the upgrades are still linear and the game offers a lot of replayability value.  Especially considering the fact that on the first couple tries you'll be flaunting around hoping you don't mess up too bad.

Overall this game is really fun. It surprised me with its addictiveness and I'm still playing it now.

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