Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Flappy Bird Rage

Flappy bird.. another rage inducing one touch smartphone game that rose to the top of the charts in days, and will fall from the top just as fast.

The purpose of the game is to maneuver a bird in between randomly generated green, mario-looking like pillars and going in between as many of them as you can.. this seems like it should be easy for a bird, but you're a bird with problems and you can't fly normally.. you have to tap to fly up a little bit and then you start falling and you have to tap a little bit more.. 

The thing about this game is that it seems so easy and the fact that you know you could've done so much better keeps you coming back to play another round again and again. However you better get used to seeing that Game Over screen because it won't be going anywhere for a while..

Oh.. did I mention that you can't actually win the game? It's just a competition between friends? Okay I'm done now..

The two images are of the game and of the game over screen so you can get used to it.. ;)


  1. So sad the app was pulled off from play store. I was huge fan of flappy bird and now i have to live with floppy bird app. Definitely not as good the original but no other option with me

  2. this game is the decedent of season game. Pokemon Go is just of the same type. I guess this is new trend in development area.

  3. well, I know this game, It has ever been the most famous game in 2014. honestly, it is quite interesting.
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