Sunday, September 1, 2013

Increase Youtube Subs, A Scam or Not?

Alright, so I decided to try out this website which promises to increase your Youtube Subs "and if you already have heaps of Subscribers, then it will work even better for YOU!" I'm guessing it won't work too well, but if it does I'll make sure to write more about it.
Here's the referral link. 
Basically how it's supposed to work, every person that wants to advertise has to subscribe to the channels of the other 5 people that are advertising right now. You don't have to stay subscribed, you just have to subscribe and then you can unsubscribe right away (which is what I did, well... sue me). I honestly don't have a clue how it would work because the website doesn't explain it too well, but we'll see..

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