Monday, April 6, 2015

What To Expect As A New YouTuber Or Let's Player

Almost every week or so I get a message from people on YouTube asking me to review their channel. Now I'm in no way a professional YouTuber and I don't try to present myself as one, but I do have over a thousand subscribers, and I feel that I know enough about SEO and presenting your channel properly that I can help people who are just starting out or people who started out a while ago but still don't have the amount of views that they want to have.

The questions are usually something like this: "I started YouTubing a while ago, and I still don't have a lot of views, can you check out my channel and tell me what I need to improve on?"

So usually I check out the channel and I find out that they started out YouTubing one or two weeks ago, maybe a month ago, and more often than not their view count as at around 0 to 5 views per video which is normal when you're starting out, but to them it seems like something is wrong because they compare themselves to big YouTubers like PewDiePie, PauseUnpause, Warowl, etc...

One thing you have to realize when you just starting out is that you're not going to get a lot of views right away. You're going to have to record at least 50, or maybe even 100 videos before you get your first real fan or subscriber that is going to stay with you until you're have a 1000 or even 10,000 subscribers.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Most Comprehensive Guide To YouTube SEO

Complete YouTube SEO GuideWhether you're just starting out on YouTube, or
you're a hardened YouTube veteran, you can always learn something new about YouTube SEO.

This is the most comprehensive guide about it on the web. (Excluding the YouTube PlayBook and Creator Studio which a lot of people haven't heard of.)

When I just started out, I had to spend hours on google searching and reading tiny 200 word articles about YouTube SEO.

They were useful, but I wished someone compiled all of the most useful content into one big post, and that's what I did here!

This is everything I've ever learned about SEO, from watching Creator Studio videos, reading blog posts, or spending time on Reddit. Everything is here!

For each part of the YouTube ranking puzzle I will write what worked for me, what worked for other people, and what the Key Takeaway for that puzzle piece is.

I run a gaming channel, so most of the examples will be related to gaming channels, but the following SEO information applies to all YouTube channels!

I've spent many hours writing, editing, and finding content for this post so I hope you find it useful!

This is my biggest post so far, so if you would like to skip around, you're more than welcome to!

Click on the links below to jump to the respective part of the post!

Who Am I?

AVA Gameplay Second RankI am a let's play video creator who's had some success with getting his videos to rank high on YouTube, and who would like to share my (and other people's tips) with you.

I have a video in the number 2 spot for the keyword "AVA Gameplay", in addition to 4 other videos that are in the top 20 for that same keyword.

I also have a video in the number 1 spot, 4 spots above PewDiePie, for the keyword "Soccer physics pc", another number 1 video for "Chick can fly", and numerous other high ranking videos.

Anyway, enough about me!

Let's get started with what you're really here for!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CS:GO Quick Tips T-Side Dust_2 Best Smokes

Some tips for getting the T-Side CS:GO smokes on Dust_2 down!

Part of the YouTube backlink case-study:

Goals For The New Year

2014 was an amazing year for the channel.

We broke the 1000 subscribers mark, got one of my videos to nearly 30,000 views, and I played with subs more than I did the year before.

However, with a New Year, come new goals, so this is here to keep me on track for the next year.

Channel Goals

It would be absolutely amazing if we could reach 5000 subscribers this year. This is almost 4,000 more subscribers than what the channel has now, but I think we can do it! 

I also want to post at least 3 videos a week. This might not seem like a lot, but my summer is going to be incredibly busy with work, internships, and writing college essays, so I won't have as much time to record and play video games.

Another goal that goes along with the previous one is taking as few long breaks as possible (preferably none). I've taken a couple of 2 week and 1 month breaks this year, and it really hurt my channel. Hopefully this won't happen this year...

The last, and the most important goal is having fun and playing with my subs as often as possible!

Gaming Goals

My number one goal on the list is reaching at least a Gold Nova 4 rank in CS:GO (hopefully even higher), and improving my crosshair placement and getting better game sense when I play.

I've been practicing a lot during break, but when school comes, I can only play around 7 hours a week max, which isn't nearly enough practice to improve quickly.

Life And Monetary Goals

One of my goals is to be able to make at least $100 per month because that would allow me to finally buy a good laptop, and would give me a good starting point for increasing my monetary growth and helping me get through college.

As of right now, I could say I "meet" this goal because PerkTV brings in $90 per month, YouTube brings in around $7, and I get around $5-$10 from MXWRK, but Perk, MXWRK, and other money-making sites could go down, and then I will be back to making $10 a month tops.

Another goal of mine is to get my websites (BeatDaBest and OnlineMoneyz) to start paying for themselves because right now I have to pay the domain and hosting costs out of pocket, and that extra 80 bucks a year isn't very pleasant.

If I could get at least 22 cents a day from both of the sites combined, I would be able to break even, which in my opinion is a pretty good goal for two websites that were created only 4 months ago.

I also need to keep working hard in school and get into a good college and stuff like that, but I also want to play around with Android Development, and keep running track, so I don't know where I'm going to find the time to do all of that...

Anyway, what are your guys' plans for the upcoming year? 
Comment below!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2015 Steam Giveaway Update (Added Payday 2 and Don't Starve)

Some of you might know that I'm doing a holiday giveaway of a Fallout: New Vegas Steam Key.

I decided since it's a holiday giveaway, I might as well add a couple more games because of Holiday Spirit and whatnot! ;)

Anyway, if the giveaway gets 250+ entries, I will add a copy of Payday 2, and if it gets to 500+ entries, I will add a copy of Don't Starve also!

It's one prize per winner, so ultimately there can be 3 winners total! It all depends on the number of entries.

Good luck, and happy holidays!
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Monday, December 22, 2014

The YouTube GIF Update And What It Means For YouTube Gamers

YouTube GIF Beta EmailFor those lucky enough to sign up for the YouTube GIF beta test, you should receive an email in the next couple days that looks like this:

If you receive this email, you and your fans can now create GIF highlights of your videos and share them on social media sites and in the comments!

To share your GIFS all you have to do is :

    YouTube GIF Editor example
  • Go to the video you want to create the GIF for
  • Click on the Share button
  • Choose the part of the video you want the GIF to have
  • Add text
  • Click Create GIF
  • And voila!
YouTube Finished GIFOn the right you can see what the editor looks right, and right next to that you can see what it looks like after you created the GIF. 

As you can see, you can share the picture using a direct link (like IMGUR). Or you can embed the picture into your blog post/website using an iFrame. The opportunities are endless!

You can take a look at a couple of the example GIFs at the end of the post, but now lets discuss how you can use them to help your channel, and what this update means for you.

How Does This Update Affect You?

The GIF update makes it easier for you and your fans to share the funniest, weirdest, and craziest parts of your video.

You should expect to have some GIFs in the comments where you look incredibly awkward, but you should also have some GIFs with highlights of your amazing gameplay.

This also makes the sharing of your videos easier and less intrusive. (Instead of sharing the whole video, you now can share the best parts of it instead.)

You can also run contests with your users to find the craziest/best GIF out of your video, thus improving retention and getting you higher in the search rankings.

How will you use this update to help your YouTube gaming channel?

Leave a response in the comments below!

A Couple Of Example GIFs

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas Steam Key Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I recently reached 1,000 subs and it's winter Holidays time so I decided to do a little giveaway!

Enter to win a Fallout: New Vegas Steam key below!
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